Are you ready to be part of #AKACON'S Official Cosplay Competition in March 2022?

Present your best cosplay in a variety of categories to our excellent panel of cosplay judges, each with unique skills and experience!


More information including prizes and registration info below!






  • When does registration close?
    Registration for the #AKACON Cosplay Competion close on 19/02/22, however we recommend submitting as soon as you can to avoid missing out!
  • What do I need to do before the competition?
    Fill in the application found below, and check in at the Cosplay HUB before 12PM on the day!
  • Where do I go for marshalling?
    You will be told when and where to go when you check in at the Cosplay Hub. Please listen carefully and follow all instructions provided to you at marshalling.
  • What costumes can I wear?
    Anything that complies with our Cosplay Guidelines is acceptable.
  • What about bought costumes?
    In order to enter the #AKACON Cosplay Competion you must have made or significantly customised your costume!
  • Will my weapons or props get confiscated?
    As long as your props comply with our Weapons Policy, you won’t run into any issues.
  • Can I do a performance?
    There are no performances in this competition, just walk on, strike some poses for our photographer, and walk off.

Best Costume

Best Craftsmanship

Best In Show

Best Performance

Judges Choice

Best Group

#AKACON is proud to be partnering with the Cosplay Repair Guild to provide free repair services and assistance at #AKACON 2022. The team will be set up right next to the Cosplay HUB! Come see Cameron and his team on the day for all your repair needs!
The Cosplay Repair Guild is an alliance of caring and fun cosplayers who wish to provide top notch and professional repair service to any and all in need at a convention or other event at which they attend.


#AKACON 2022 Cosplay Competion Registration

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In order to enter the #AKACON Cosplay Competion you must have made or significantly customised your costume!

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