Borderlands - Handsome Jack Casino Pop!

Borderlands - Handsome Jack Casino Pop!



"Handsome Jack here. When I opened the Vault and destroyed the Destroyer inside -- ironic, I know! -- I had a Hyperion weapon in my hand. When I cleaned up the frontier and burned that bandit settlement of New Haven to the ground, it was a Hyperion pistol I held in my fist. And goddamned every day as I watch over this planet, as its protector, as its champion, and as its hero, it's Hyperion firearms I put my trust in. Hell, that's why I bought the goddamn company in the first place. This is Handsome Jack, and I'm signing off on Hyperion! What do you guys think? Accent too much?"


  • Size: 9.5cm tall approx
  • Material: Plastic/Vinyl

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