Demon Slayer - Kimetsu No Yaiba - Bandai Spirits Vol.7 (B - Kanao Tsuyuri)

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"Somehow I feel the people I care for and those important to me will still be alive tomorrow. But that's just my hope and there's no way I can promise that with any certainty. Why do people... believe such things?."

When Kanao is first introduced, she is an indecisive and quiet girl due to the abuse she endured in her past before meeting the Kocho sisters. She became unable to make decisions by herself and repressed her emotions as a defense mechanism. In order to help rectify this, Kanae gave her a coin to flip to decide which path to follow when she didn't know what to do.



  • Size: 15.2 cm tall approx
  • Material: Painted ABS&PVC

Official Demon Slayer licensed merchandise



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